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Data Nectar, as one of the most trusted Data Consulting Services Company, has been offering exclusive technology-driven solutions for Data Strategy, Business Intelligence, Data Science and Analytics, and Application Engineering. Our data experts harness the power of technologies in Data Integration, Data Warehousing, Dimensioning, Analytics, Visualisation, and Reporting to leverage business data and deliver faster, informed, and proactive decisions. This empowers businesses fo stay relevant and competitive while maintaining data security and confidentiality.
Data Architect & Engineering
In today's data-driven transformation race, the results yielding analytical innovation are built on top of the core analytics platform. We bring our expertise and experience across Data Engineering and Business Intelligence tools and technologies, backed by relevant architecture practices, governance, and security approaches to build and design data platforms that are reliable, scalable, and adaptable for future needs.
Business intelligence (BI) is nonetheless an assortment of 'decision-support' technologies, which is aimed at enabling knowledge workers (executives, analysts, and managers) to make quicker and better business decisions. Every successful business nowadays is leveraging BI technology starting from manufacturing (order and shipment, customer support), retail (customer profiling), and financial services (fraud detection and claim analysis) to telecommunications (for customer churn analysis) and healthcare.
AI, ML and Analytics
As you chart the transformation from descriptive to predictive & prescriptive analytics, it calls for opting for the right technique and processing method for the given use case. Some of the key technologies and frameworks that drive predictive analytics & .... include Lakehouse, Generative AI, ML Modelling, Statistical Libraries, Streaming Analytics, and MLOps to name a few. From developing a proof of concept to delivering a full solution/product, we enable clients across their AI-led business process transformation.

Data visualisation techniques include knowing your audience, setting your goals to choosing the right chart type, and handling big data. The technology for data visualisation is mainly about Visual Reporting comprising of Dashboard showcasing performance with a visual snapshot (defined by metrics and time-series data) and Visual Analysis that enables users to explore data visually and offer insights while delivering a higher degree of data interactivity.
Application Engineering
In this age of digital transformation, Custom Application Development that comprises of Application Engineering and Cloud Data Migration plays a pivotal role. DataNectar with extensive experience and expertise in Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud platforms (including Cloud Data Migration on AWS) have been helping our clients with Enterprise Solutions Architecture, DevOps, SOA and Information Architecture, Technology Selection, etc.

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