Pharma Sales & Marketing Analytics

Optimising sales
team’s efficiencies at
a pharma manufacturing giant


Having spent an exorbitant amount on sales and product promotion, the client needed a more efficient data-driven platform to track sales performance, market share on newly launched products, and better distribution of budgets.

The Self-service Business Intelligence platform developed with the help of Data Nectar helped track relevant KPIs, predict customer behaviour, and timely improvement of efficient practices

950 H/W

Saved effort for sales team


Increase in average quarterly bandwidth of sales team


Faster access to sales operation information

The client based in India is one of the top 10 leading pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, with a gross turnover of more than USD 1 billion. With a team of 13,000+ employees and a global presence in 14 countries. It is a global leader in the healthcare industry, manufacturing large-scale Generic Drugs, Vaccines, Wellness & Cosmetics. Their sales team consists of more than 700 members across the product lines, geographies, and organisational hierarchy.

Medical Representatives across the globe visits doctors to educate on drug effects for various diseases. A field representative’s hierarchy structure is also defined based on the category of drugs sold. The field staff uses SalesForce CRM to plan and track their doctor visits, and sales orders are punched into a custom in-house developed Order Management System.



Generic Drugs, Vaccines, Wellness & Cosmetics


  • Enterprise-grade ETL
  • Data warehouse
  • Managed BI services
  • Data Security
  • Managed BI Support

Business requirement

The client’s pharmaceutical manufacturing business has a dynamic sales team operating across drug categories and regions while focussing on the efforts in highly competitive industry. they also have to spend sizable amount of their bandwidth into manual aggregation order data & information every month for preparation submission reports respective managers top management. maintain an accurate credible correlation among data, efforts, hiring requirements, avoid rash decision-making that may incur financial downsides.

Considering the disparate systems (in the box) used by the sales team to access their order, efforts(CRM), and agreed sales team strength data(HRM), it was a repetitive and time-consuming task diluting their focus on sales for almost 4-5 workdays every month. Besides, that top sales heads had to consolidate and validate information to create reports for all the sales reps across regions.

At the same time, the top management faced challenges to have a frequent bird-eye view of the sales activities with reliable accuracy. That was taking a toll on making the right decisions on time-related to training, retention, and hiring. Every single day of delay in decision making could affect organisation-wide sales performance, especially in such a high attrition industry.

The existing legacy systems (SAP, Salesforce, Order system) used over the years across the organisation have made data analytics and information distribution a challenging and complex task that lacks efficacy. It was inevitable to implement a business intelligence system to enable frequent access to accurate sales information, to make the right decisions.


  • Sales efforts(Salesforce)
  • Sales orders (In-house Order Management System)
  • SAP (Invoice & finance data)
  • Human Resource Management (SAP HCM)

The solution

To build a business intelligence solution design that could enable the data integration & apply required data transformation for having consolidated and consistent data for the enterprise data warehouse. Data analytics on data marts and data cubes to enable Dashboards and deliver a range of reports to stakeholders – faster, frequent, and accurate.

The Data Nectar’s team of data analytics and BI solutions experts analysed the current legacy sales process that not only consumed our client’s productive hours (up to the tune of 950-man days) but undertook effective measures with innovative data consulting services that ensured accuracy, credibility and better representation of the data.

Here are some of the key features of the Business Intelligence solution delivered:

  • Data ingestion (Data from Order Management System, SAP, Salesforce CRM for ETL)
  • Data cleansing & transformation ( Data transformations from legacy organisational structure to the new org structure – across products, categories, sales team, roles, regions)
  • Data Warehouse modelling that supports country-specific financial year reporting requirements
  • Role-based Power BI dashboards and reports across dimensions like Product line, diseases, geographies, sales teams size


  • Separate Legacy systems for Order booking
  • CRM (sales effort logs)
  • Time-consuming reporting efforts for sales team
  • Manual report generation resulting in inaccuracies, human errors & data inconsistencies

Solution benefits



Saved effort for data aggregation & static excel based report preparation for the team of 12 regional sales managers


Increase in average quarterly bandwidth of sales team due easy access to data and report automation


Faster access to sales operation information across decision makers

Constantly improving your data analytical capabilities has border impact on business performance over the short and long run!

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