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Innovating Recruitment Processes with AI


This case study spotlights a transformative collaboration with a leading STEM-focused Staffing and Recruiting company. This project revolutionized their recruitment process by implementing cutting-edge AI Recruitment capabilities and cognitive search capabilities within their CRM and other databases, alongside comprehensive workflow automation. This partnership streamlined their operations and significantly enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of their Talent Acquisition strategy, setting a new standard in HR Technology.



Reduction in time spent on talent searches


Improvement in overall recruitment strategy


Increase in communication efficiency

About the business

Our client is a company that started with a group of passionate leaders. They’re experts in finding and providing skilled consultants, especially in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM). They’ve grown to be a big player globally in Staffing Solutions, helping companies in 150 countries by filling skill gaps. Their commitment to being the best in hiring and professional services has made them a trusted partner in Candidate Sourcing. They’re good at connecting top STEM talent with ambitious companies worldwide.

Business Requirements

Using the Mercury platform for Staff & Recruiting, the Current talent search is based on certain filters and input keywords, often resulting in multiple permutations and combinations.  It eats up a lot of time for a recruiter who is trying to find a talent for a specific requirement. Create a smart search tool where a recruiter can give the description of required talent in a natural language and an intelligent search tool would search best matching/relevant candidates utilizing the power of AI models. Streamline the recruitment process by automating repetitive tasks, allowing the Sales and Recruiter team to focus on core sales activities.


The Solution

  • Intelligent Search System: Develop a cognitive search base prompt where recruiters can describe requirements about candidates as natural language inputs. The system, using AI and LLM, will then find the best matches for the position.
  • AI Integration with CRM: Connect the AI system with a work tool (CRM) for email and email reply automation, showcasing the practical benefits of Recruitment Automation.
  • Predictive Model for Conversion: Use a special computer program that learns from the past to guess whether a person will get hired. This helps us know who might be the best fit.
  • Predictive Model for Time to Convert: Another smart program that looks at past data to guess how long it will take for someone to get hired. This helps us plan things better.
  • Predictive Model for Cost: Train a computer program to look at how much different people cost in the past and figure out trends. This way, we can predict how much it might cost to hire someone in the future, revolutionizing Talent Acquisition.

Staffing and Outsourcing

Headquarters in the UK

Staffing, Outsourcing, and Professional Services


  • Time-Consuming Talent Searches
  • Complex Candidate Filtering
  • Extensive Interactions
  • Data Analysis Bottlenecks
  • CRM Updates Overhead



  • Candidate Conversion Prediction
  • Candidate Cost Forecasting
  • Automated Email Response System
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Hiring process automation


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