Manufacturing Data Analytics

Improving production
efficiencies and order execution
time for manufacturing company

A leading producer of industrial labels used across industrial domains aimed for a BI solution to aggregating data from across their disparate systems to analyse the inter-relations to make better decisions towards improving their operational efficiencies on labels productions and order execution cycle.

How Data Nectar implemented a BI solution to ingest and process data from a Dynamics 365 ERP and Customer Order Portal to help client identify areas of improvement pertaining to production, order execution time, defects and delivery timeline data.


Faster order execution


Improvement in average time to receive payment


Reduction in machine downtime

The client, based in Mumbai, is one of the leading customized industrial label manufacturers in India. They produced labels on diverse raw materials like aluminum anodized, steel and brass, vinyl, and adhesive paper for application in Pumps, Automobile, Pharma, and Engineering companies.

Equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, it serves more than 10,000 customers with more than 1,00,000 plus product variations – comprising of different raw materials and production processes using in-house developed ERP on Microsoft platform and Customer Order Portal. The Customer Order Portal is a web application where customers can place orders by selecting various parameters of labels.



Custom label manufacturing


  • Master Data Management
  • Enterprise grade ETL
  • Data Warehouse
  • Data Security
  • Managed BI Services

Business challenges


Being a custom-developed transactional system, the reporting structure is not up to the mark. Therefore Data Nectar adopted Power BI as business intelligence, which can integrate data from both transactional systems and service reporting, and analytics needs.

Referring to product variations and volume of data coming from different systems, synchronization of master data, data integration was posing challenges for effective decision making.

Without having a robust reporting structure they had to highly depend on SQL queries on databases, which may expose critical company data to unauthorised staff members. Dependencies on dedicated in-house IT teams were also a challenge.

  • Need for Order Performance Dashboard to measure manufacturing process at different operations.
  • Consumption variance reports improving consumption variance of raw material, production time pricing.
  • Procurement & Supplier dashboard which provides a comprehensive analysis for timely purchase, rate comparison, delivery performance.


  • Insufficient operational insights
  • High order execution time

The solution

The Data Nectar team successfully developed and implemented a Customer Order web application for the client, which led to the extended development of a robust business intelligence system. We suggested managed business intelligence services that helped reduce dependencies on in-house dedicated IT teams.

The Data Nectar team built high performance, auto-scheduled ETL jobs, and enterprise-level data warehouse to integrate their ERP, customer order portal, and other data sources.


  • Customer Order Dashboard
  • Webstore Performance
  • Procurement Dashboard

Solution benefits



Faster order execution driven by quick availability of information on bill of material, stock, sales & operational statuses.


Improvement in average time to receive payment


Reduction in machine downtime

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