Effective Lead Management

Data Nectar implemented a business intelligence solution on LeadDesk's outbound call record data and HR data to improve lead qualification ratio & business profitability at a Lead Generation organisation in USA.
MD Effort saved per year
Reduction in attrition
Increase in lead qualification
The client based in the United States provides lead generation solutions to global technology & IT-enabled services companies. The client supports global tech companies to achieve high-performance prospecting across the entire sales & marketing funnel. Their primary business involves offering telesales services for high-end research reports prepared by premier Research and Analytics firms, as well as leading tech companies.

The telesales team comprised of more than 800 sales executives trained and allocated to execute sales campaigns for clients – to sell a range of reports, white papers on technologies, innovation, research and marketing. Data suggests that the team of professionally-trained 800 personnel makes almost 50K telecalls in a day, the lead generation record of which were maintained through a CRM.
Professional Services
United States
Telesales for research reports, whitepapers & technology researches
  • ETL & Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Admin Web App(Angular)
  • Dashboard & Reporting solution
  • Managed BI
  • BI support
Referring to the significantly huge scale of calls made per day by a large telecalling team, the volume of data produced was posing to be a challenge. This is mainly for aggregating, analysing, and exploring correlations, to extract business intelligence.

As per their methodology followed, a staff of 5 were dedicatedly extracting data from CRM and HRM systems to manually generate weekly reports in predefined templates that were shared with stakeholders. These reports carried defects and delays, besides many KPIs were missing.

Although a high volume of data was generated, the lack of data analytics and business intelligence capabilities was a huge concern for the client. It was important to be on top of the operational overviews, data, correlations, and trends to make appropriate decisions around selecting people. This may be for training, performance monitoring, data quality improvement, campaign team’s productivity and costs vs. revenues.

In such an operation-heavy domain with a high-paced sales environment, any single delay in making the right decision will have a direct impact on the campaign performance, quality, and business revenues.
  • No of calls, Connects, Conversion ratios
  • Lead generation and disqualification & segmentation across parameters(time, resource)
  • Lead Disqualification Ratio
  • Sales Vs Team Size, Cost
  • Data Quality (No. of not usable contact numbers)
An end-to-end Business Intelligence system was designed to suit the client’s existing needs along with the provision of scalability and customisation capabilities to accommodate future needs.

The system comprised of data ingestion from CRM, TCS iON (HRM)m Finance Systems data residing in Excel files. Hourly and Daily scheduling for ETL was implemented to update OLAP cubes. 6 BI Dashboards and 18 specific reports were designed and developed to serve intuitive visualisation for users and key stakeholders. The Dashboard consisted of 24 to 30 objects to serve unique needs by decision-makers.

Almost every insight around operational efficiencies of the business was to be made accessible to the decision-makers at their fingertips - enabling them to make the right decisions, faster.

And all these were delivered to the client in a record 1.5-month duration.
  • 3CQ Ratios (Call, Connect, Conversion, Qualified Ratios)
  • Lead disqualification ratios
  • Campaign performance - segmented on Agents, Calls, Sales and Cost
  • Agent absenteeism and sales impacts
  • Sales by time frame, region, call duration
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