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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Most companies today operate in a highly competitive environment. To be
successful, you need to understand your customers and prospects better than
your competitors. You need to deliver the products and services that your
customers want and need when they want them. And you need to make all these
things happen efficiently and cost-effectively.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of intelligent business applications that helps
organizations get more done by unifying CRM and ERP capabilities into Microsoft’s
industry-leading cloud platform for business. It allows businesses of all sizes to
manage sales, customer service, marketing, finance, operations, projects and
people in one place.



Dynamics 365 Custom Development

We provide custom development services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that allow users to work with a familiar interface and get the flexibility for some highly customized features to improve their productivity.


Dynamics 365 Integration Services

Through our Dynamics 365 Integration Services, we help your organization integrate Dynamics 365 with other applications such as ERP (SAP, Oracle EBS), Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems like SAP APO, Salesforce CRM and eCommerce platforms like Magento, BigCommerce etc.


Dynamics 365 Managed Services

Our managed services for Dynamics 365 helps you minimize costs and risks associated with your software. We provide a team of dedicated experts who will manage and optimize your Dynamics 365 deployment by providing 24/7 support, maintaining security & performance, implementing updates and upgrades, monitoring performance, and more.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrades and Migrations

Whether you’re upgrading from an earlier version of CRM or ERP software (or if you’re migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365), we can help you transition smoothly while also taking advantage of all the great new features in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Retail &amp





Wholesale & Distributions



Boost productivity and innovation with predictive intelligence & intelligent tools to sell faster in a dynamic world.


Make every interaction count by connecting with customers when it matters most and turning them into advocates.


Transform customer care with AI-driven insights, proactive engagement & omnichannel experiences.


Improve lifecycle management while reducing maintenance costs with proactive planning and scheduling.

Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform unleashes the potential of PowerApps, Power BI, and Power Automate to enable businesses in quick and easy app building backed by data-driven insights. Each component of the power platform is built on the Common Data Service for Apps (CDS), which is a SaaS tool hosted on Microsoft Azure. CDS is pivotal in ensuring business data is stored and managed in a central, safe, and secure location.

Power BI

Power Apps



Analyze by gaining insights from assorted data, implement intelligent business processes through cutting-edge apps, and automate processes to boost operational efficiency

Create custom solutions as per the business requirement by leveraging the next-gen, intuitive technology

Faster data collection, deriving actionable insights to support informed decision-making

Managed infrastructure with Built in enterpise security provisions by Microsoft