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Ad-Hoc Analysis

Analysis or report created on the spot to answer the specific business question which is not clearly answered in a static report or deep drive to get clarity about business transactions or events. Ad Hoc Analysis is a business intelligence process.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is an umbrella term of a set of processes and best practices for data gathering, data analysis, data visualization using best-fit architectures and technologies.

BI practices creates a direct impact on data-driven decision-making processes. 


Cloud Analysis
In cloud Analysis; business intelligence or data analytics operations are performed over the cloud against the private, or on premices environments. Cloud computing gives higher performance and ROI for large volumes of data and users.
Business Intelligence dashboards are the outcome of a data visualization tool that contains a co-related and interactive business matrix, KPIs, and analytics. In other words; it is table of star schema of a dat a data warehouse.
DAX Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) is programming language used in Microsoft Power BI to create measure, calculated column and custom tables.
Dimensions Tables
A dimension table is database table of data warehouse, referring informations about a measurable events known as facts. Facts are stored in Fact Table. In other words; it is table of star schema of a dat a data warehouse.
Extract, Transform and Load refer to ETL. ETL processes are to extract data from multiple sources, transform it as per business requirements, and load it to the data warehouse.
Fact Table
Fact Table is at the center of the star scheme and captures measurements, metrics, or facts of a business process.
Factless Fact Tables
A fact table which doesn’t connotation measures, and act as an interaction of dimensions. Factless Fact Tables are bifurcated; one is to capture an event and second is to describe conditions.
Hierarchical Dimensions
Dimensions in Data warehouse modeling having parent/child(many to one) relationships are known as Hierarchical Dimensions.
Simple example of possible hierarchy widely adopted by by all dimensional data warehouse is date dimension : Year > Quarter > Month > Week > Day
Incremental Load

Incremental load is ETL process to load delta(difference) from source to destination. Based on the requirement it can be streaming incremental load or batch incremental load. Incremental load is faster in comparison to full load as it touches less data.

Key Performance Indicators

Key performance Indicator is value measured by organizations to evaluate the effectiveness of key business objectives.


Metadata narrates other data. Detail data of Data e.g. description, structure, references etc.


Online Analytical Processing is compounding methods of data to perform multidimensional analysis of transactional data.

Power BI

Power BI is Business Intelligence and Data visualization tool from Microsoft Corporation.


Pentaho is Business Intelligence, Data Integration and OLAP and reporting service tool from Hitachi and now known as Hitachi Ventara

Qlik View

Qlik View and Qlik Sence are Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Tools.


The database schema is logical view(skeleton) of all or part of entier relational database. Schema