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Data Nectar Technosys was conceived with the idea of helping small and medium business entrepreneurs harness the power of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence to gain an exponential competitive edge. As a Data Analytics and Consulting services company with offices in Norway, India and Netherlands, we help our clients optimise the use of data assets to make profitable, well-informed, faster and proactive business decisions - be it long-term, short-term or strategic.
Help SMEs making profitable business decisions with data analytics.
To be an efficient and result-driven data and cloud solution partner for SMEs to help them realise the value of data-driven decision-making to create a positive impact across people, process, and profitability.
Driving Change in the IT Landscape with Data
Our data scientists and strategists work in tandem with your team to solve intricate business challenges by delivering data and analytics solutions. Broadly speaking, we build high-value solutions for our clients in diverse areas of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and more. With everyday operational improvements from data strategies and executions to periodic strategic challenges, the value we bring to our clients is what matters. We help businesses make profitable decisions through the valuable insights gained from their data.
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"पुस्तकेषु हि या विद्या परहस्तेषु यद् धनम् |
उत्पन्नेषु च कार्येषु न सा विद्या न तद् धनम् ||"

The knowledge confined in books and wealth in other’s control is of no use when needed. Same way, your business data is just 0s and 1s, if it cannot help you in making better decisions.
To Keep Your Data Safe & Steer Data-Driven Decisions
Data Strategy Roadmap
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Delivery Plan | Team Structure | Point of Contacts | Tool Setup | Status Reporting Schedule
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Operation & Support
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- Objectives
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Technology Selection &
Solution Design
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Functional & Technical
High level solution
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Infrastructure setup
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Selecting tools
& technologies
ETL Development
Data Modelling
Report & Dashboard Development
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We understand that every business is unique and so are the deliverables.
Talk to our experts for a bespoke data strategy and analytics roadmap
for your business.
Commited to make an impact with Data Craftmanship
Abbas Ali
Regional Partner - Europe
& Solution Architect
gaurang acharya
Gaurang Acharya
Co-founder & Data Strategist
Dhiren Chodvadia
Director - Business Development & Strategic Alliance
Shardul Bhatt
Strategic Advisor
Who Strive to Make a Difference
Data Nectar works with industry leaders across verticals in the Manufacturing, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Finance, Telecom, etc. sectors to drive data transformation for business. We work closely with key decision-makers - Data Officers, Information Officers, Functional heads, Analytic leads, Data Science Practitioners of an organisation to help them decipher the valuable insights within their data across the business. We make sure that your data-driven decisions are realistic, result-oriented, and align with your company’s value and code of conduct.
Our Dreams are as infinite as Data
We believe in not just creating an experience for our client, but also for OUR PEOPLE, who are the driving force in the Data Nectar growth story. We welcome bright, self-driven professionals to join our team and build their dream careers. We bring you an opportunity to use the best of strategy, analytics, and innovation to help clients across the world take profitable business decisions through data analytics!

Are you passionate about advanced cloud and data analytics technologies?
Are you fascinated with what data-driven insights can do?
Do you have a solid understanding of diverse industry verticals to help clients capitalize on data assets?
Do people often appreciate your analytic bent of mind?
Is your idea of a workplace about fun-at-work?
If you say YES to any of the above, besides the requisite technical proficiency, we would love to talk to you!

Send us your latest resume and we’ll schedule a call to discuss your experience and passion around adding value to the client's business with your data analytics skills.
Data Security & Confidentiality
Your trust is important to us and so also is the confidentiality of your Data. At Data Nectar Technosys, we consider the privacy and protection of your data at the highest priority, along with following the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We follow stringent data protection guidelines and take adequate measures to ensure that we fulfil our promise of being fully GDPR compliant.
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